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İstanbul Kiralık Daire

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey; it stands out not only in Europe but also all over the world with its geographical location, cultural structure, and nightlife. Due to education, transportation, and business opportunities, it is constantly receiving immigration from Central Anatolia and Eastern regions. For this reason, houses are increasing every day and it is getting harder to rent or buy houses because of the growing population. So, Istanbul is becoming the most sought city in Turkey in terms of rental apartments. Existing online real estate websites, complex site infrastructures, and fake advertisement posts make this process longer and more difficult for renters. Plus, the old rental method with its high rate commission, puts both landlord and tenants in many troubles. With all this in mind, RentRovi makes the rental process enjoyable for landlords and tenants, by combining renting with technology, with fewer expenses, reliability, and no-deposit. If we have to talk about the factors you need to pay attention to when it comes to renting a house, it is easier to reach your dream apartment  RentRovi 

1) Budget Planning: In addition to being an interesting city with lots of options, Istanbul is a city with expensive living conditions. Therefore, with good budget planning, you can take more precise steps in this process. [bu paragraph ok]

2) District Selection: Istanbul is a city that geographically, connects the Asian and European continents. Because of this and many other geographical reasons, it can take hours to go from one place to another in Istanbul. Therefore, when choosing a district, you should both consider your budget and the locations that allow you to continue your daily life activities.

3) Rooms Number: Although the price and location have long-lasting effects, these features are replaced by factors such as how much you get yield from the apartment you rented after a while and how useful the apartment is.

4) The Structure of The Flat: Finally, you should pay attention to important structural features of the flat you are renting, such as the facade, the heating, the type of floor, the security conditions, and the earthquake resistance. As well, Istanbul is a challenging city due to factors such as theft events, fault lines, humidity, and high climate temperatures. If you pay attention to all these, the apartment you will rent will not let you indifferent to the beauty of Istanbul.


Istanbul Rental Flat Prices

Because of its location, in Istanbul, the prices of apartments for rent vary greatly from district to district. Families with high budgets look at luxury districts, while middle-income families move a little further from the center. Unfortunately, families with low budgets are looking for apartments for rent in the districts that are most distant from the city center. In this article, we examined the districts of Istanbul in two categories as European and Asian Side districts. The average square meter prices for districts are as follows:

European Side Apartment Prices For Rent (Turkish Liras/Sqm)
Beşiktaş 25 TL
Sarıyer 24 TL
Beyoğlu 24 TL
Bakırköy 21 TL
Şişli 19 TL
Fatih 17 TL
Zeytinburnu 16 TL
Eyüp 15 TL
Kağıthane 15 TL
Küçükçekmece 13 TL
Bahçelievler 13 TL
Güngören 13 TL
Bayrampaşa 13 TL
Başakşehir 12 TL
Bağcılar 12 TL
Avcılar 12 TL
Esenler 12 TL
Büyükçekmece 11 TL
Beylikdüzü 11 TL
Gaziosmanpaşa 11 TL
Esenyurt 9 TL
Silivri 9 TL
Sultangazi 9 TL


Anatolian Side Apartment Prices For Rent (Turkish Liras/Sqm)
Kadıköy 19 TL
Adalar 19 TL
Üsküdar 16 TL
Ataşehir 15 TL
Maltepe 14 TL
Beykoz 13 TL
Şile 13 TL
Ümraniye 13 TL
Kartal 12 TL
Tuzla 10 TL
Pendik 10 TL
Çekmeköy 10 TL
Sancaktepe 9 TL
Sultanbeyli 9 TL


These prices may vary depending on the size of the apartment you will rent and regardless of some districts. For example, the apartment you will rent from a luxury site in Kağıthane will be higher than the apartment you will rent in an ordinary building located between the street in Sarıyer.

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Given all this, now you have a draft of the suitable apartment for you and how to rent it in Istanbul. If you want the apartment rental process to become faster, fun, cost-effective, and easy for you, visit RentRovi.



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